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Language Questions / ---- on the harborbed
« Last post by t k on Today at 03:40:25 am »
Around each seed of a dossier, therefore, had developed a nacreous mass of inference, poetic license, forcible dislocation of personality into a past he didn't remember and had no right in, save the right of imaginative anxiety or historical care, which is recognized by no one. He tended each seashell on his submarine scungille farm, tender and impartial, moving awkwardly about his staked preserve on the harborbed, carefully avoiding the little dark deep right there in the midst of the tame shellfish, down in which God knew what lived: the island Malta, where his father had died, where Herbert had never been and knew nothing at all about because something there kept him off, because it frightened him.  (from V. by Thomas Pynchon; a larger context is here; use ctrl-f to locate the sentence)

Please explain "on the harborbed"?  Thanks.  --- tk
Café / Re: Pic Luck Party
« Last post by t k on Today at 03:20:04 am »
I would also like to find the name for this plant, which was very prosperous around roadsides and hillsides in fall.  --- tk
Café / Re: Pic Luck Party
« Last post by t k on Today at 03:03:57 am »
My playmate, since a few months ago, perched high.  --- tk

Café / Re: Pic Luck Party
« Last post by t k on Today at 02:36:11 am »
JTL ---  The bags you made look very nice, must be very useful.

I have not tasted durians for a while.  I can buy them frozen online, but I am not sure how they will taste.  --- tk
Language Questions / Re: bid them own
« Last post by Mr Tasker on December 14, 2017, 10:08:59 pm »

It's difficult because of the archaic meanings of "bid" and "own" in the sentence.

"Bid" can mean "tell" or "ask" and there's a flavour of its old meaning in expressions like "bid him farewell"
From the OED (as verb):
Ask pressingly, beg, entreat, pray.
Command, enjoin, order.

"Own" is a little more obscure still and means "admit" in this context. A bit like to "own up" to something.
From the OED (as verb):
Acknowledge to be as claimed; admit or confess to be valid, true or actual.

So the sense is: "... and tell them admit (to themselves) that you are beautiful"

Which all goes to show that you should keep a copy of the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary with you at all times (a small wheelbarrow might make it easier).
Language Questions / bid them own
« Last post by arturas on December 14, 2017, 09:32:38 pm »
Hi there,

"Tell them that they are dull and bid them own that thou art beautiful", can't get the sense of "bid them own that thou art beautiful", what does that mean ?  Help would be appreciated.

Café / Re: Pic Luck Party
« Last post by JTL on December 14, 2017, 02:09:27 pm »
I experimentally made these for my older sister who wanted a carry-on travel bag with many external pockets:

Café / Re: Compost
« Last post by Bertha on December 14, 2017, 11:38:27 am »
Mr T: :)
Bertha - I hope it is sustainable and not peat based.

Of course it is sustainable. I don't have any left now, or I would send you the information. 
Café / Pic Luck Party
« Last post by JTL on December 14, 2017, 09:11:12 am »
Shall we?  Bring one or more of your original pics and surprise us!

This is my durian tree planted 4 months ago:

It is now like this:

Sorry, my pics are too big but I don't know how to resize them once they are in google.  I'm going to my garden now -- my sis is coming to pick some sweet potato leaves for dinner.  I might come back with more pics.
Café / Re: dying, dyeing
« Last post by JTL on December 14, 2017, 08:53:21 am »
Thank you TK, it works!
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