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Welcome to Lydbury English Centre, one of the very few fully residential immersion courses for business and professional personnel

Rita introduces Lydbury English Centre and our unique methods

Rita talks to Ricardo Barbato about his experience at Lydbury

Rita introduces the Global Approach and the unique method we use at Lydbury English Centre

For more videos on our unique training method, please go to The Global Approach wesbite.
  • Accelerated training approach - up to 3x faster than expected progress
  • 3 trainers to 4 participants
  • Each course individually tailored to meet the needs of you and your organisation

  • Balanced combination course
  • 1 to 1 option
  • Weekend option (1 to 1 or closed group)
  • 27 hours structured training and coaching per week
  • 25+ hours social interaction

  • Fully residential package
  • Mid-week outings
  • Evening events

Rita explains "Business English"

Why choose us? ____________________
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Unique methods
GlobalApproach, our unique learning system, guarantees rapid, targeted learning. Its simple, powerful methods dramatically change how you learn!

Friendly folk
Relaxed minds learn better! Our welcoming, friendly approach ensures your experience is positive and effective.

Targeted learning
We establish exactly which areas of English are most important to you and focus on these.

Rapid results
Your time is precious – none of it wasted here.
Up to 12 hours immersion in English and British culture every day of your course.

Bespoke service
Our team structures your learning to you and your professional needs.
Every session at Lydbury is focused on your specific professional learning needs.

Rita and Duncan Baker founded Lydbury English Centre in 1985. Rita is a member of BESIG – the Business English Special Interest Group of IATEFL.

Rita is a well known international speaker and is in frequent demand to talk at conferences and to run workshops and teacher training seminars. She is also the author of the Global Approach™ to language learning.
We offer short, intensive, residential immersion courses in English and soft skills for business and professional purposes. Most of our clients are large international companies but we also have smaller clients and individuals. Most of our students are middle to senior managers, engineers, scientists, marketing and sales people. They usually come to us for one or two weeks but longer periods and weekend training are further options.
Lydbury is the ideal environment for serious learning. We offer a quiet and friendly rural environmet which provides total immersion in English 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Our training is excellent, as is our cuisine; and our comfortable residential on site accommodation means you do not waste time travelling every day. We are happy to offer you access to free internet connection and other essential facilities.

Lydbury English Centre


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United Kingdom


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Registered in England no: 5819343

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