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Case Study Albert


Albert’s level of English was already very high, but we helped him to refine his presentation through yet another example of our totally bespoke solutions.

Albert is a neurologist specialising in geriatric medicine. He had applied for a research grant to enable him to develop better systems for palliative care for patients with dementia. In order to do this he had to give an in-depth presentation of his current findings, the research he wished to carry out, and his motives for doing so. Since Albert had been to us before, and already had a very high level of English, we were able to use the content of his presentation to refine any other areas of English that he had not yet mastered. He delivered his presentation several times – to trainers in-house and to guests, who though not medically trained, had a particular interest in dementia. Finally, through the kind services of our own family doctor he gave a presentation to staff specialising in the care of patients with dementia in our own local community hospital. This was a win-win situation. For Albert it was a real experience, and for his audience the information was professionally valuable. He had to deal with REAL professional questions.

Albert gave his presentation and despite strong competition from other candidates, was successfully awarded his research grant.

Case Study Albert

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